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Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction's 2022 Award Winner!

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Company Values

We believe about the value of TRUST because exceeding your expectations is our specialty!

Swan Co. is the evolution of trusted methods, trusted performance, and trusted service facilitating our team to deliver experience from the industry’s most reliable experts to your parking lot.

Timely Response

Providing solutions requires Timely Response and honest planning every step of the way. 


Mutual Respect for time and assets is essential from plan development to project completion.


Understanding the full scope of work as well as expectations is a vital aspect of customer satisfaction. 


The most fundamental construction practice is Safe Engineering, Safe Administration, Safe Leadership, and Safe Participation.

Team Success

Each of these crucial values equips both our Team & our customers for Success.


Team Success

At Swan Company, we believe in attracting talent rather than simply hiring to fill a position. This enables us to authentically grow our team with quality persons who possess the same values. It is essential that all members of our team are on the same page when it comes to how we work with one another and how we serve our customers. 
Our team thrives as we support each other’s personal achievements and find that delicate work-life balance together! If you feel that you share these same values, then we invite you to click the link below. 

Safety Policies

Our leadership team places a high value on life and safe operations. Financial incentives NEVER outweigh the benefits of safe practices and it is essential that each of our team members feel the same way. Our entire management team is OSHA 30 certified so that they can engineer each project with safety at the forefront & equip each project-participant with the best safe-practices and PPE. 

Safety must be a state-of-mind, both on the job, and in life because it requires constant conscious effort. Continuing education, job-hazard meetings, and safe-practice reminders are reinforced regularly so that our policies on safety are not words on a page but practices that keep our entire team happy and healthy! 

About our Leadership

Excellence Starts Here

Kimberley Swanekamp​


Kimberley Swanekamp is our Co-Founder and President. 

A proud woman-owned business

Kimberley comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and is the third generation in the parking area maintenance industry. Her career began in the world of commercial real estate where she managed the construction of a 21,000 square foot shopping center while also overseeing several residential projects from their renovation through to their rental and/or sale. Her talents include a wide array of expertise in the construction and property management fields.

After working as a construction & property manager for nearly a decade, Kimberley founded her first company. Her love of commercial real estate and business development along with her desire to create an atmosphere where other women in the workforce could thrive, motivated her to open The Wax Boutique.

In late 2021, Kimberley sold The Wax Boutique in order to focus all of her efforts on continuing to grow Swan Company alongside her husband. She’s excited about putting her talents to the test for the benefit of Swan Company’s customers! 


Joseph Swanekamp​


Joseph Swanekamp is our Co-Founder and Vice President.


Joe founded his first company while still in high school performing landscape and property maintenance services. At age 20, Joseph was invited to volunteer on an industrial building project in Wallkill, NY. Upon accepting this invitation, he sold JMS Property Management.

For the next four years, Joe gained experience in many aspects of commercial facilities management and construction. He worked in trades such as pipe fitting and fire suppression, site works, excavating, & utility install and repair. Then, during the winter months, Joe worked with one of the most reputable commercial snow removal companies in the New Jersey/ New York markets.

After volunteering for more than four years, he worked for a paving and excavating contractor until founding Swan Company together with his wife.


A Message From Our Vice President…

A parking lot is a critical component of every business so it’s our job to make sure that your parking lot is not only well-maintained but accessible as often as possible. Parking area maintenance requires attention to detail while performing the work and managing each customer’s needs.

This industry demands tenacity, abstract thinking, and vigilance because so much is on the line. So when planning your next project, call the Swan you Trust!

Meet The Team

Sales Questions?
Sales Estimator

John Cormier

As Swan Company’s Sales Estimator, I ensure a smooth sales process by communicating with potential or new clients, answering questions about specific products or services available, and scheduling on-site visits.

I started my career in sales in 2009, and since then, my experience has extended to different fields, such as construction and oilfield. I’ve been awarded #1 Salesman of the month several times for my customer service. My ambition to connect with new people, help them find solutions to their problems, and my passion for communicating with others have aided me in connecting with different clients. 

And with my vast array of skills in the construction industry and sales, I look forward to developing strong relationships with Swan Company’s new and existing clients and serving as their trusted Sales Estimator for years to come.

Administrative Assistant


Sara joined Swan Company in 2022 as she currently attends RVCC pursuing communications. She loves learning how to create a better customer experience and improve interpersonal relationships, which is her favorite part of working for Swan Co. She has worked in customer service since 2018, and is excited for what the future holds. 

Fun fact: Sara lived abroad in the Dominican Republic for nine years & is fluent in English & Spanish!

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