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Building a Future on the Foundations of TRUST

Swan Company has found that by attracting talent rather than hiring to fill a position, it is able to grow its team with quality people who have the same values.
It’s not always easy to find a balance between your personal life and your work life. We understand that, and that’s why we created a company that strives to ensure you have the time you need to do what you love without sacrificing your work.
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Team Success Stories

Our team members are more than just employees, they’re the very backbone of our operations.



"At Swan Co., I've had the opportunity to actively contribute to various aspects of the company's operations. This dynamic role has allowed me to develop a diverse skill set and take on responsibilities that have expanded my professional horizons. Working here, I've learned the value of adaptability and resourcefulness in a fast-paced small business setting. It's a place where innovation and creativity are encouraged, and every day presents new learning opportunities."



"Considero que son empleados muy amables y que es una muy buena impresa, lo cual la hace un buen lugar para trabajar." - "My employers are kind and it’s a very good company, which makes SwanCo a great place to work."



"En mi opinión, considero que son excelentes líderes y que esta oportunidad podría ser beneficiosa para aquellos interesados en colaborar con nuestro equipo." - "In my opinion, I believe that my employers are excellent leaders and that this opportunity could be very beneficial for anyone interested in working with our team."



"I have really enjoyed working at Swan Co.! My professional relationship with Joe & Kim has proven invaluable. Their patience and commitment to developing my talents have consistently facilitated my growth during my time with their company. I definitely recommend working with Swan Co. to anyone looking to start or advance their career in the paving business, as it is a place that really cares about the well-being and development of its workforce."

Why Join Swan. Co?

Safety First, Always

Our devotion to safety is non-negotiable. As proof, our entire management team is OSHA 30 certified, ensuring each project we undertake prioritizes safety above all else. Financial gain will never take precedence over secure and responsible practices.

A Culture of Mutual Respect and Collaboration

Our open-door policy and transparent communication channels ensure that your voice is heard, considered, and respected at all levels of the organization. Team collaboration is not just encouraged—it’s a requirement.

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So, you’ve read about our company culture, the opportunities for personal and professional growth, and our commitment to community and safety. If you’re excited about what you’ve heard, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

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