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Jersey Shore Premium Outlets Concrete Project

Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Concrete Walkway, property maintenance

Swan Co.'s concrete walkway replacement at NJ Outlet Center

14,000+ SF of Color-integrated concrete, flash patching, and Sika caulking for long-lasting durability.

Swan Co. recently took on an ambitious project at one of New Jersey’s premier Outlet Centers, where we revitalized and transformed over 14,000 square feet of walkway space. This extensive project was not just about laying down pathways; it was about redefining the shopping experience with a seamless blend of functionality and design. Our team meticulously replaced old concrete with fresh installations, incorporating both standard and color-integrated concrete options to enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of the walkways.

In addition to the walkway overhaul, the project scope included detailed flash patching, a technique designed to correct surface imperfections and provide a smooth, uniform finish. We also used high-quality Sika caulking to seal joints and cracks, ensuring a watertight barrier against the elements. This not only prevents water ingress and future damage but also extends the life of the concrete surfaces. With a focus on longevity and visual appeal, Swan Co.’s project stands as a testament to the power of expert craftsmanship and strategic maintenance.

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Outlet Center

Services Rendered

Concrete Walkway Replacement, Flash Patching, Sika Caulking

Swan Co.'s expertly revamped walkways bring new life to a premier NJ Outlet Center, marrying durability with design through superior concrete work.

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